We Make Post-Tensioning Look Easy​​

You Only Have One Chance to Do Things Right

  • You don’t know what you don’t know. We can help avoid pitfalls that could have adverse effects for the life of the project
  • Poorly written specifications, vague contract plans or bad details are a common issue. We can help to discuss these issues in balanced manner to address the needs of the designer, owner and the contractor. 
  • Suppliers priorities may not be the same as yours. We can help with procurement strategies to maximize profits.
  • Inexperience can result in injuries or incidents. We can help work with your safety department to address risks proactively and provide specialized training of supervisory and field personnel.

Post-tensioning is an exciting and challenging field. Although efforts are being made to standardize specifications at this time they vary wildly between jurisdictions and projects. Specifications often times are  written by people  with little experience and may contain requirements that are not appropriate for the project or just plain outdated, which can restrict the process. Suppliers try to add on extra items that are not needed, which results in wasted materials. Inexperience can result in strategies that have unintended consequences.

Wouldn’t it help to get another head in the process? 

To change wrong plan details, address out-of-date or nonsensical specs and try to get new specs adopted. To get in on the process early and spot potential problems or propose changes that will save money and avoid future issues. To talk to like an insider and have credibility as a specialist. Once the plans are in place, we can look at the overall build schedule sequence for how things need to happen to be most efficient for project. 


  • Pre-Bid Planning
  • Contract Reviews
  • Project Work Planning
  • and more!